Gemma Data Collector

The Gemma Data Collector allows you seamlessly count all sorts of items on the move. Wither it be buses, bikes, people or postboxes, this iPhone app allows you to quickly create a collection and get you counting. The app knows where in the world you are by utilising the onboard GPS chip in your phone and your data is tagged with not only your physical location but the full address you are currently standing. When you ready to, you can save your counts to the cloud and seamlessly add the data to your brilliant map mash up.

Power to you!

Every step of the way the data collected belongs to you. GEMMA's Data Collector uses Google's Fusion Table service to store your data securely inside your Google Account. When you create a collection it will appear along side the rest of your Google Documents and if you want to download the raw data you can do right inside your Google Docs account. When you use the GEMMA website to add your data collector layer you'll have to authorise GEMMA to use your Google Docs account but don't worry, we only use the GEMMA collections so the rest of your Goggle documents are safe.

The GEMMA data collector will be in the app store really soon and will be free to download and use. Better Start thinking about all the different types of things your going to count!

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iPhone Application
Keep track of your maps and collections by logging into Gemma using your Twitter Account